Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet w/ Gold Twist (kids)


Fun, affordable, and easy peasy!

Our 6mm gemstones are strung on 0.8mm elastic.  We triple knot and seal the knot before it gets buried into the twist!  The twist is 1cm long and 4mm thick.

The gemstones are all genuine - most are 6mm smooth round shapes.  

Kids' department head; Eliza Rodger, 7. 
She makes all the colour decisions about the kids line, and strings them all!  She then names each colour set.  The names are all  inspired by Mother Nature.

Mom (Dianne) makes the twists and does the tying of the knots.

Choose from our many fun colour combinations:
Bumble bee - black lava rock and pale yellow jade
Shadow - black onyx
Zebra - black onyx and white jade
Grape - amethyst
BlueberryGrape - dark blue mixed with amethyst
Rose - strawberry quartz and pink peruvian opal
Watermelon - rhodonite
Sky - bright blue jade
Surf - fossilized dark blue coral  and bright blue howlite 
Lime - prehnite and white jade


Size! We make two sizes; 6 inch, and 6.5 inch.  Eliza is wearing the 6" in all the photos.  She is a slim, but athletic build.

 IF you would like a different combination of stones, you can leave at note at checkout with your specifications.

YES Eliza is paid .. she earns $2 per bracelet (she can make about 8 in an hour).  She is having fun in her creative roll and is learning a lot about the family business.

Age recommendations for our bracelets is 5 years old and up.  We do not offer a specific warranty on these bracelets.  Kids are rough on jewellery, we all know that.  These are made as strong as they possibly can be for a stretchy bracelet.  We have priced these bracelets accordingly - knowing they will not last forever and that it just doesn't make sense to spend a fortune on kids jewellery.