Silver Chakra Necklace - Large


Balance your energy. Chakras are energy points within the body which resonate to a specific colour. The beautiful gemstones correspond to our 7 chakras - from root to crown.  A basic reference guide to the chakras will come with your necklace.

Crown (purple - amethyst)

Third Eye (deep blue - lapis)

Throat (light blue - turquoise)

Heart (green - jade)

Solar plexus (yellow - moukite)

Sacral (orange - carnelian)

Root (red - garnet)

Each gemstone is 8mm round. Total length of the pendant is 70mm.

The chain clasps at 30" - it is a strong 1.5mm cable chain.

Chain and wire are sterling silver.

The Chakra collection is one of Dianne's oldest and most popular. These pendants and earrings have been produced by Dianne since 2005