Customizable Mixed Metal Monogram Necklace


Choose the letters, chain, metal colour, and shape!  Create a piece as unique as you and yours!  Mix the metals however you like!

You can build a necklace with up to 6 letters. 

The "base price" for this necklace is $0.00 - you will see your $ total added up at the bottom of the menus as you choose elements.

The chain can be one of the following options;

1mm cable (lightest, dainty - perfect for one or two letters/birthstones)

1.2mm rolo (medium weight, less dainty - perfect for  4-6 letters/birthstones)

1.5mm cable/rolo  (heavier, not dainty - best for 6 or more letters/birthstone)


Shapes include disc, oval, and rectangle.  The disc shape is the most popular, as it is a great size and weight for everyday wear.