Madawaska River Rock Necklace


 "If you add up the minutes I've spent in this river, I'm sure it would actually be years." - Dianne

Tokens of your love of nature and, more specifically, water.  Dianne hand picked each one of these stones for their beauty and wearability, then drilled and matched with a perfectly weighted chain.

The Madawaska River is a river in the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin in Ontario, Canada. The river is 230 km long. Its name comes from an Algonquian band of the region known as "Matouweskarini", meaning "people of the shallows"

These waterways are on the traditional territory of the Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) and 
Anishinabewaki nations.

15% of my profits from these necklaces goes to Water First .  Water First Education & Training Inc. is one of the top charitable organizations in Canada addressing water challenges in Indigenous communities through education, training and meaningful collaboration.