Chakra Bracelet - White Agate with Twist (LC)


Balance your energy. Chakras are energy points within the body which resonate to a specific colour. The beautiful gemstones correspond to our 7 chakras - from root to crown.

This bracelet features the 7 chakra colours surrounded by white agate. The gemstones are all 8mm, smooth, and round.  At the back is a Dianne Rodger signature twist, which is also 8mm.  The twist and metal spacers are made from your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold fill, or rose gold fill.

Available in small (7"), medium (7.5"), and large (8").

The Chakra stones are:
Crown (purple - amethyst)
Third Eye (deep blue - lapis)
Throat (light blue - turquoise)
Heart (green - jade)
Solar plexus (yellow - moukite)
Sacral (orange - carnelian)
Root (red - moukite)


The gems are strung on  a 1mm elastic.  Like every item from Dianne Rodger, this one is covered by a lifetime warranty.  It will be fixed for free no matter how long you've owned it.