Bracelet Kit (kids)


Make your own.  Kit includes enough beads for one bracelet (7” approx), and 2ft of strong elastic, plus tips for trying a good knot!

Theme/model choices:

-elf (limited quantity available.  greens-reds-white)

-galaxy (dark sandstone, colour swirl glass)

-spectrum (every colour under the sun)

-sunshine (blues, yellows, white, just like looking up at the sky on a sunny day)

-dragon (black, grey, including some lava rock. Very fire and brimstone)

-mermaid (oceany blue, teal, green, purples, patterned like a fin)

-happy camper (natural greens and browns including wood).

All materials are glass, gemstone, or wood.  No plastic/acrylic garbage here.

Each bracelet kit does contain enough beads to fit the average 10 year old.  You may need to leave some beads off the bracelet if the child is smaller

**if you think your bracelet kit needs a couple extra beads, please leave a note at checkout so I can add a few more**