Birthstone Necklace


Wear this love cluster with pride.  It represents those whom you cherish most.  It could be family, friends, pets, yourself!  It's all about who you love!
Your unique cluster will be strung on a cable chain - your choice between 16" or 18".

The chain and wire on gems is available in sterling silver, yellow gold fill, or rose gold fill.  

Choose the metal you want, then number of birthstones and the length of chain.

You will need to list your birthstone selections at checkout.  See the list of gems for each birth month below.

January - garnet
February - amethyst
March - aquamarine
April - clear quartz
May - emerald
June - pearl
July - ruby
August - peridot
September - sapphire
October - tourmaline
November - citrine
December - topaz