Care - Anti Tarnish Storage Bags


An tarnish shield!!!  Storing your jewellery in these bags is your number 1 defense against tarnish.  Having a few of these is excellent for storing your 'occasional' jewellery - the ones you wear when you have tea with Michelle Obama or whatever...

You can choose from the following size options:

2x2" - 7 bags for $10 (ideal for earrings or chains)
3x3" - 7 bags for $10 (ideal for small bangles or thicker bracelets)
4x6" - 5 bags for $10 (ideal for large pieces)
Variety pack (6 bags total - 3 of the 2x2", 2 of the 3x3", and 1 of the 4x6") $10 (ideal for the person with lots of jewellery to store)

Protect your jewelry from tarnish in this zip-close, see-through copper-color plastic bag. Safe for all metals, this anti-tarnish plastic bag prevents tarnish and corrosion. The bag is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable—containing no charcoals, oils or volatile chemicals. These bags are made of 100% virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that is specially treated to resist tarnish. The copper color of the bag is a indicator; when it darkens to black, replace the bag with a new one.