Welcome business owner/buyer/sales staff/you-do-everything-person :)

I'm so excited you are interested in my work.  

My website is designed to make your life as simple and easy as possible.  You can browse my entire body of work - and place orders quickly - all right here.

In order to begin our wholesale relationship, please send me an email (info@diannerodgerjewellery.com) so we can get acquainted.  We can talk about details like terms, shipping and returns.  Any questions you have before you get started will be answered cheerfully.

The website is set up so that once you are registered and I set your account to "wholesale", everything you see is priced in wholesale dollars.  You can place orders and check out quickly and easily.

No paperwork for you - no item numbers and spreadsheets!

I have put together starter kits, both basic and deluxe.  So if you are unsure about what exactly to purchase to get you going, I've done that work for you.

Thank you again - enjoy the site.