In Canada we are all well aware of the service disruptions with Canada Post this gift giving season.

We don't know what the impact will be on our customers shipments.  We simply can't know.  (Our hope is that the dispute will be settled before there is any noticeable problems for you!)

During this time, we ask for your patience and understanding.  We no longer have the predictable/reliable shipper we are accustomed to, and we all need to accept this for now, frustrating as it may be.

You still have options! 

Our standard deal:       Canada Post (within Canada) - $5 flat rate (orders < $100) - $0 (orders > $100)   This is normally expedited service, however there can be no guarantee during the service disruption.

UPS (within Canada and Continental USA) $38.00 (3-4 business days)

Thank you so much!!