14k Gold fill
A two layer construction, gold fill has an outer layer of 14k gold and inner core of brass.  The 14k gold portion is 5%.  This 5% layer allows for a long lasting gold colour.  To read more click here.


Sterling Silver
The absolute standard in jewellery that is a silver colour is sterling.  It is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.  The copper allows the silver to be workable and durable for jewellery use.  Sterling is almost always stamped 925, as this represents its purity (925 parts out of 1000 is pure silver).  To read more click here.


Dianne uses a variety of gemstones sourced all over the world, which are expertly cut in India.  They are always genuine gems.  Being a gemmologist, Dianne takes great joy and pride in the gemstones she selects to use in her work.  The only gem that needs a touch of special care is the pearls.  Pearls are softer than other gem materials, and can dull over time if worn with other jewellery.