We need production help for the 2018 Fall season heading into Christmas.  Position could become permanent.

Email resume or just let us know your mad skills!!!  info@diannerodgerjewellery.com

The ideal person/people for this work have/are:

Living in or near Arnprior - as we need you in the studio (Braeside) at least 2 days per week.  

Has very good hand dexterity and strong fingers – the work is repetitive and involves a lot of finger strength.

Proficient with jewellery pliers!!  

Excellent eyeballs.  The work in small for the most part, and requires clear close up vision.


 The work:

-making the twists – wire hand spun onto a metal rod.  There are 5 sizes of twists, and you would make piles of all of them.

-prepping chain and wire for general production.  Cutting wire to predetermined lengths, cutting chain from large spools into predetermined length and adding the clasp and end pieces.

-tagging, bagging, labelling jewellery