This potion has been filled!  Thank youi for your interest.


Hiring – Production Assistant – Starting Immediately

The ideal person:

Lives in or near Arnprior – as you will have to be in my studio in Braeside 6-8 hours per week.

Has very good dexterity and strong fingers – the work can be repetitive and can hurt the fingers at first.

Has excellent eyesight.

Has worked with jewellery pliers and knows some basic jewellery terms and items (like jump ring, clasp names, etc).

Has time!  Maybe you’re a stay at home mom whose kids are school aged?  Maybe you are retired and bored? High school student? Whatever you do, I need about 8 hours of your life every week, and maybe more if you take well to the work. 

Is cheerful and easy going.


The work:

-Making twists – wire hand spun onto a knitting needle.  There are 5 sizes of twists, and you would make piles of all of them.

-Stamping letters, prepping studs, cutting wire to predetermined lengths, cutting chain from large spools into predetermined length and adding the clasp and end pieces.

-Cutting paper products – I use a lot of different cards for ‘with purchase’ and display needs

-Assembling the jewellery – putting gemstones/twists on hooks or chains

-Bagging and labeling finished jewellery, bagging chains I buy in bulk into smaller bags

-Occasional painting tasks, helping me build displays for shows



-$14.50/hour to start – a productive and helpful assistant will certainly make more (max $18/hour).

Piece work (most of which is taken home) – $1.50-$8/piece depending on the item.  Some items take literally one minute to make, others 5-10 minutes.  

My previous assistant earned $500-$1000/month, most of which was done at home.  Some months are busier than others.


Email Dianne if you think you are the person for the job!