SickKids vs. Food Allergy - Charity Necklace


Everyone has a cause that they feel close to, one that has impacted them more than other causes.  For Dianne and her family, food allergies are that cause. 

Dianne's oldest daughter has lived with food allergies since she was 9 months old.  Dianne and her husband, Andrew, have confidently taught Eliza (5) to be aware and to not eat something for the first time without the "ok" from mom and dad.  It was actually quite easy to adapt to baking and cooking without the things Eliza is allergic to (eggs, cow's milk, peanuts). It's less easy to live with the mental weight of the possible consequences of making a mistake.  Being diligent has become a habit, but of course it would be wonderful to not have to worry ever again about every single thing Eliza eats!

With this in mind, Dianne has design this beautiful and simple necklace. The two elements represent focus and clarity. Choose from sterling silver ($44), yellow gold fill ($52), or rose gold fill ($52). Profits will go directly to the SickKids Foundation.  The goal of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Program at SickKids is to prevent and ultimately cure good allergies in ten years.  

It's mostly a matter of time - but like everything else, it's also a matter of funding.

For every silver necklace sold, $25 will be donated.  For every gold fill necklace sold, $30 will be donated.

Visit the SickKids Foundation website for more information.  The Hospital for Sick Children is a health-care, teaching and research centre dedicated exclusively to children: affiliated with the University of Toronto.