Chakra Bracelet - Stretchy (LC)


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Balance your energy. Chakras are energy points within the body which resonate to a specific colour. The beautiful gemstones correspond to our 7 chakras.  A simple guide to the chakras will accompany your earrings.

Crown (purple - amethyst)
Third Eye (deep blue - lapis)
Throat (light blue - turquoise)
Heart (green - jade)
Solar plexus (yellow - moukite)
Sacral (orange - carnelian)
Root (red - garnet)

On either side of the chakra gems are either agate (whiteish), obsidian (true black), or black labradorite (black/grey mix).  These gems are 8mm round - smooth.

SIZE:  medium 7.5", and small 7"

Comes with a brief chakra guide.